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for any assistance click here to know our toll free numbers

for any assistance click here to know our toll free numbers

Vodafone i-Roam plans provide the benefits of unlimited calls and data. Activate our international roaming plans to effortlessly stay connected no matter where you are. Vodafone offers a comprehensive range of its best IR packs that come handy on your international trips.

It is easy to select an international roaming pack now. All you need to do is visit our website, enter the country of visit and the days of travel. Then, choose from our range of i-RoamFREE packs to activate an international roaming plan.

Why should you choose Vodafone i-RoamFree IR Packs? 

Vodafone i-RoamFree packs have been designed keeping in mind the varied needs of different users. I-Roam packs and plans are available for both prepaid and postpaid users; however, postpaid users get to enjoy certain benefits:

  • Schedule an i-Roam pack for a future date in advance. This feature is very useful as we all live a busy lifestyle these days. Once an international travel is preplanned, you can easily schedule international roaming pack for those dates by choosing a pack that suits your requirement well in advance and be assured to stay connected throughout your travel.
  • Avail the option of services only feature if you plan to stay connected, however, that’s only if you do not wish to make any calls or send messages.·       
  • Haven’t activated your i-Roam services? Postpaid users need not worry. By default, an international roaming pack of a particular amount is already a part of your postpaid plan. Once you start using the services abroad, this international roaming pack automatically gets activated. In case of activating another pack, the chosen pack overrides the default IR pack.
  • Be it a holiday or a business trip, always stay connected with your loved ones without worrying about high charges on International Roaming. Both, prepaid and postpaid international roaming packs make it convenient to travel without being worried about connectivity issues at a foreign location.

International Roaming FAQs

How can I activate International Roaming on my Vodafone number?

Prepaid users can send an SMS to 144, a toll free number. This is applicable for Ori, Bhr, Kol, ROB circles. For the remaining circles IR service is pre-activated & users are charged a ₹99 monthly rental under chargeable events like calling, sending SMS or data being used.

Postpaid users can either activate IR packs via the Vodafone International Roaming Page, through the MyVodafone app or by calling customer care on 199.

How to make voice calls once I reach another country?

To make voice calls from overseas, dial the number with the area code as you would do when in India. To call another country, dial + with the country code followed by the phone number. 

Can I use my own device & SIM while traveling outside India?

Yes, usually your handset is compatible in all countries outside India on activating International Roaming. However, in few countries only 3G network is available, so make sure your handset is 3G compatible.

What are the charges applicable for using Vodafone voice, text and data while traveling abroad?

Vodafone offers international roaming plans with free data, free SMS, free incoming calls and free outgoing calls. Charges will apply depending on the IR plan that you choose.

For further details related to Postpaid International Roaming click here and for Prepaid International Roaming click here.

Can I choose an International Roaming Pack for only the number of days I am travelling?

Yes Of course. You need to enter details like phone number, destination country and the number of days of travel, before you activate a Vodafone International Roaming Pack.

Once you input the above details, you can gain access to various international plans matching your number of travel days. Once you activate your international pack, you can enjoy a seamless International Roaming experience from Vodafone.

Can I use my free data quota on International Roaming?

No, any in-built free data usage will not be applicable while on International Roaming. The usage is charged as per applicable rates except for special roaming packages (subject to availability).

If I call other countries while abroad, will I be charged?

If you make a call to the country for which you had availed the international pack, or to India (home country), you will not be charged (if your usage is within benefits quota). But if you call elsewhere, to the rest of the world, you’ll be charged according to the standard rates.

For more info, click here.