What are Vodafone Alert Services?

Vodafone Alert is a bundled package with wide range of services ranging from Sports, Entertainment, Devotional, Infotainment, Rural, Finance, Health and Education segment. Along with daily in and out around you it also provides several entertaining packages which keeps you engaged through-out the day. To Avail Vodafone Alerts Service of your choice, dial *123# (Tollfree). Below are few Vodafone Alerts Service types:


Sports- Get regular updates from the ground of Cricket, Football, Hockey, Tennis and Formuala-1.

Entertainment- Follow your celebrities, movie reviews and filmy gossips and play competition and win prizes.

Devotional- Stay in touch with your faith, wherever you are.

Finance- Get latest update from the stock market for a wise investment.

Infotainment- Be updated with news from all the happenings around you.

Lifestyle- Make the most of your free time by having some fun.

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